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If you set a bar for the best, this office would set it.  From the time you walk in, to the time you leave, the experience is amazing!  I've been a patient, on & off for several years.  If you expect more you will get it here!


Tommy M.


Our family has been going to Dr. Galvin's for well over 10 years now. Hands down, they are the best. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and efficient. Customer service at its very best.


R. Fabre


By far the best dentist in washington! I've been a patient of Dr Galvin's for a while now and he's always shown the best care and consideration for me and my family. My daughter has seen him since she was 2 and she loves going in to see him every visit! I recommend Dr Galvin to all my family and friends and have nothing but great feedback and appreciation to find such a great dentist!


D. Carter


I have been his patient for almost ten years. I have always received the highest possible quality dental care, and there are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe Dr. Galvin's quality of care and his great staff. I came to Dr. Galvin about ten years ago with a myriad of dental issues, and I am living proof that Dr. Galvin knows his stuff. I now live on Whidbey Island; this is a 90-minute drive each way. I still will make the trek to see Dr. Galvin and his staff. My oral hygiene and dental health is important to me, and I entrust Dr. Galvin and his team to make sure I always receive the very best dental care.

There is really no need to shop around for dentists, because you will not find a better dental professional in King or Pierce (or even Island) counties.




I have had unfortunately 2 dental emergencies in the past 4 years. Dr Galvin and his staff have been SO kind and helpful through both. The second emergency was very scary for me. Dr Galvin was available to answer any questions or squeeze me in to check my progress and calm my fears! I would never go anywhere else, and wish I could recommend him and his wonderful staff to everyone.


Angela D.


I have been going to Dr. Galvin for over 15 years as have my now grown children.  When I began with him I was very concerned because in the past I had a very good dentist that actually crafted his own gold crowns.  My mouth to me was a piece of art.  The only downfall was he retired and now I was looking for someone who was a little gentler and still had good skills. Dr. Galvin is wonderful because he has both.  He does send out his crown work but to a very good craftsman. He is very gentle and I have never felt that he would tell me I had a cavity when I didn't. I don't do well with Novocaine and he either does not use it when he feels I can handle it or gives me a shot that does not give me the anxiety that Novocaine does. One time when working on my front teeth without Novocaine I actually fell asleep.  I am extremely sensitive when it comes to my teeth and how they look and feel.  Dentistry is truly a form of art if with the right dentist they can craft your teeth so that you don't have any bumps and grinds. Dr. Galvin has done that for me and taken very good care of me and my family.  Dr. Galvin and his staff  take their positions seriously.  I recommend him highly.
I will say that he did have a hygienist that was too chatty and talked continuously but after discussing it with the staff they simply  scheduled me with the other hygienist the next time named Julie and she has cleaned my teeth and done a great job for years.  I give them a five star!



My family has been going to Dr. Galvin since before I was born and we will never go anywhere else. You can not beat the amazing work and the people in this practice. Everyone is so nice and friendly and it makes going to the dentist not as bad when your comfortable because your around people who know your name and your family. This is a great practice


Emily B.


Dr Galvin is the best dentist I've been to in my 52 years.  I can't say enough about his dedication, professionalism, and skill.  He listens very well, and has always resolved my dental issues to my complete satisfaction.  

I'm a bit of a "nervous nelly" and have a low pain tolerance. Dr. Galvin and his excellent staff go out of their way to make sure I am as comfortable and pain free as possible.  This includes procedures as scary as crown preparation, or as simple as a good cleaning.

My children started seeing Dr Galvin at 3 years of age, and I can't say enough about the kindness and patience he and his staff showed them in those first few critial visits.  My - now young adult children - have never expressed any trepidation at the prospect of a visit to the office, and they have beautiful - dazzeling smiles as a result of the superlative care they have received.

I've been going to this office for almost 19 years.  Whats amazing to me is that the staff has an extremely low turnover.  I'm dealing with many staff who have been there for as long as I've been a patient!  That speakes volumes for the office atmosphere, and the care Dr. Galvin has for patients and staff.

Scheduling is well run and wait times are never very long.  I always get a reminder call, and parking is no problem.

We have recommended Dr. Galvin's practice to many family members and friends. Everyone, without exception has thanked us over and over for refering them. In one case an entire family switched to Dr. Galvin after years of indifferent care with another dentist.  Dr. Galvin discovered numerous issues that the other dentist had ignored or over looked.  It took quite a while, but he and his staff eventually corrected every problem and now they are maintaining thier smiles whith the help of the fiendly and efficient oral hygenists.  

Trust me - unless you are an inveterate curmudgeon you will love this office!



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