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Procedures Offered

Composite(tooth colored) Fillings:
Porcelain Crowns:

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Composite (white) fillings are a great alterative to the obsolete old amalgam (silver) fillings. Over time, a silver filling can weaken a tooth. White composite fillings are a durable and natural- looking option which can actually help restore strength back to a tooth. Worn, thin, and brittle edges can be restored with this type of filling material as well, to give you a beautiful smile again!.

Porcelain crowns (caps) are needed when a tooth is broken down, fractured and/or cracked. A crown is a great restoration option and can last up to 20 plus years with the proper homecare.

Tooth Replacement:

Do you want a beautiful white smile in as little as two visits? Porcelain veneers on one or more teeth are a quick way to get an amazing smile without the cost or time commitment of braces. We do a complimentary work-up to show you what you can expect to receive.

Missing one or more teeth? Our office uses bridges, partial dentures, implants, and implant-supported bridges to replace missing teeth. Come in for a specialized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Emergency Exams:

Should you have an emergency, our staff will work hard to get you in on the same, or next, workday. When the office is closed, Dr. Galvin's cell number is on our office's outgoing message (no calls after 10PM please).

Tooth Whitening:

Our office cares about keeping your smile attractive and in top form. We will evaluate your gum condition at your first cleaning visit and create a plan to maximize your mouth's health now and in the future.

Digital X-Rays:

Our office is very conservative on taking x-rays. We have the most current digital x-ray system with very minimal radiation exposure. 

Sometimes easier is better. We use Zoom take-home gel in custom-made trays to make your teeth their whitest! Our professional bleach contains calcium to keep your teeth strong and reduce sensitivity, too.

Nightguards, Sportsguards and Retainers:

We can make you removable appliances for treating teeth grinding, protection in sports, and keeping them in place.

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